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Persuasive Pre-Launch Page

Dan manages the vision and realization of all written content at TCF. He oversees the copy and positioning of all million-dollar product launches which puts his crowdfunding copy in the top 0.1% worldwide! He’s created countless highly converting landing pages for pre-launch campaigns, and refined writing powerful copy down to an art form.

Instructor: Dan Booker | Head Of Copywriting at The Crowdfunding Formula

What You'll Learn

Table of Contents

      Lesson 1: Welcome | Start Here

      Lesson 1: Why You Need a Brief

      Lesson 2: The Structure of Your Brief

      Lesson 3: Product Description & Customer Insight

      Lesson 4: Positioning Your Product

      Lesson 5: Target Audience

      Lesson 6: Your Competition

      Lesson 7: Keywords, Terminology & Common Misunderstandings

      Lesson 1: The Magic Copywriting Formula

      Lesson 2: Less is More

      Lesson 1: Make the Most of Your Brief

      Lesson 2: 5 Sections to the Perfect Landing Page

      Lesson 1: What Will You Show Your Visitors First?

      Lesson 2: Turn Dry Features into Juicy Benefits

      Lesson 1: Have Your Backers Envision Themselves Using Your Product

      Lesson 2: Get Your Visitors to Trust You

      Lesson 3: How Much Detail is Too Much?

      Lesson 4: Call Your Visitors to Action!

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