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Nail Influencer Marketing

For years, Sona and Maga have been developing relationships with key influencers in various industries. They have mastered the research, outreach and negotiations processes. Internally, Sona is the head of, a leading influencer marketing platform and Maga is currently joining the Project Manager department, transitioning her skills into a new domain.

Instructor: Sona Madoyan and Margarita Ghazaryan | Influencer Marketing Pros at The Crowdfunding Formula

What You'll Learn

Table of Contents

      Lesson 1: What Is Influencer Marketing?

      Lesson 2: Why do you need influencer marketing?

      Lesson 1: Types of influencers

      Lesson 2: The power of nano-influencers

      Lesson 3: Identifying the best influencer niches

      Lesson 4: Start the journey: Keyword research

      Lesson 5: Spying on competitors

      Lesson 1: Finding Instagram influencers via Google

      Lesson 2: Free research inside Instagram

      Lesson 3: Spying on competitors again

      Lesson 1: Heepsy: Tool to find and analyze influencers

      Lesson 2: Finding Instagram influencers through their bios

      Lesson 3: (Advanced) Best criteria for choosing best influencers

      Lesson 4: Mango Score: How to measure influence

      Lesson 1: Search for Facebook pages using previously generated keywords

      Lesson 2: Exploring Brands Collabs Manager

      Lesson 3: Tools to finding Facebook pages and influencers: Google and HYPR

      Lesson 4: (Advanced) Finding out really valuable influencers

      Lesson 1: Benefits of YouTube influencer marketing

      Lesson 2: How to find best YouTubers

      Lesson 3: Where to find YouTubers’ contact details

      Lesson 1: What to expect from Twitter

      Lesson 2: Finding influencers and pages on Twitter

      Lesson 1: Where to look for influencers’ contacts

      Lesson 2: Pitch creation

      Lesson 1: Sending DMs on Instagram

      Lesson 2: Email Automation. Best tools & tips for successful outreach

      Lesson 1: Sending samples for review

      Lesson 2: Paid and affiliate partnerships

      Lesson 3: Giveaways and secret perks

      Lesson 4: Joint streamings and influencer takeovers

      Lesson 5: Advertising access and branded content tags

      Lesson 6: Brand ambassadorships and lasting relationships with influencers

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