Lesson 5: Backer Support

In the Backer Support section you can set all necessary materials allowing BackerKit to handle your backers’ support questions. There are two types of backer enquiries: product-related and survey-related. In the General section of Backer Support mention if you want the BackerKit team to handle your campaign support ticket.

On the right-hand side you can see that BackerKit takes care of 500 backer enquiries. When the number of enquiries exceeds 500 you can either handle the rest of the support tickets yourself or pay $1 per backer inquiry which will be billed monthly. Thus we always prefer BackerKit to handle our campaign backer enquiries.
Mention the support email address. This is required as there could be issues that the BackerKit team won’t be able to address without your input. They’ll forward these inquiries to the support email you provide. Backerkit team requires creators to respond to their support team within 48 hours, or the support will be turned off.
Some questions from “Need Help?” section of backer’s surveys (Project Specific Qs) will automatically be sent to the creator, bypassing our support team. You can skip mentioning emergency contact information and lock order dates for the moment.
Click Save and proceed. In order to reduce support tickets coming to your inbox here’s what you can do.
In the Project FAQ section you’ll see that BackerKit has already scraped your Kickstarter FAQs section and it will help the BackerKit support team to take care of support inquiries. If you have more FAQs apart from what was imported you can Create a new FAQ and save it.