Lesson 4: Campaign Visuals & Bypassing Rules of Prohibited Words

Not everyone is familiar with Kickstarter/Indiegogo and crowdfunding overall, and very often we receive comments under our ads such as “How can I get this?”, “How to buy this?”, … If your campaign is on Indiegogo, then this is a perfect solution for you!

To reduce the number of people who ask these questions and make their buying journey much easier, I suggest the following: apart from all the creative images/videos you use in ads, also use the images that are set on the perks/thumbnail on Indiegogo. This works perfectly for both secret and standard perks.


Here’s the image that we used for one of the secret perks of our UVMask campaign.

And here’s the same image in our ad:

Here’s another example with the thumbnail of the GigaDrive campaign:

And here’s an ad with the same image:

You will definitely see a huge increase in results as this is a great solution to “connect” your ad with the final destination that people land on. So after seeing our ad, they’ll go to the Indiegogo page and see the same image on the perk or on the thumbnail and unconsciously they’ll know they’re in the right place.

Bypassing rules of prohibited words

This small yet very useful hack has saved our lives hundreds of times.

If you are familiar with digital advertising, then you most probably know that there is a big list of prohibited words that can’t be used in ad copy. These lists are not always obvious and you can actually bypass the list with this simple hack.

As you may know, Facebook has become very cautious with the use of certain words related to COVID and health during this pandemic, and “mask” is among them. But during the pandemic we accepted to do a mask campaign called UVmask. Whenever we tried to use the word “mask” in our ads, the ads were rejected and the accounts were blocked. Then, we found this solution.
Here are two of our successful ideas to help you bypass the filter:

  1. Use similar letters from other languages. For this example, I borrowed the letters “a” and “k” from Russian to use in “mаsк”. It looks a bit different but the word is recognizable to viewers and is not filtered and blocked. Here’s how it looks in the ads:

  1. There are many websites that will help you find different symbols to use in place of standard letters. We used an alternative “m” to make  “ⓜask” from Symbols & Fancy Text – Cool Symbols, Characters & Emoji ✮✢❂✶✧ 😍.