Lesson 4: Analyze Pre-Launch Campaign’s Google Analytics

If you have completed pre-launch preparation to collect subscribers, which we definitely recommend you do, you really want to use data from Google Analytics (GA) for your live campaign.
By the time you go live with your campaign you want to have built as much of your buying persona and back up plans as possible.
How do you do that and how is Google Analytics becoming indispensable in providing that information?
First things first, from a technical point of view, you need to have analytics embedded into your lead generation website and set the goal correctly to help Google Analytics receive the information you send.
Now, let’s explore where exactly we need to go to get information on your Google Analytics dashboard.

Go to your Google Analytics account, then to the analytics dashboard and from the left menu click Audience, then select Interests and Other Categories.

This is what you will see:

The column on the left marked with red includes the t categories our subscribers belong to and what we can plan to use  in our targeting.
The column on the right shows the number of conversions, which you want to look through to compare results and pick the best ones.
In the example above I only showed you 10 results, but in reality, there are more than that.
You can filter any columns to get ascending and descending dropdowns to help you sort the most valuable metrics.
The example above shows the pre-launch analytics of Telomere. As you can see there are several insightful categories with high subscription rates. For example, people interested in cooking, baked goods, recipes, desserts and people who recently started a new job have a really good subscription rate. This means we can use these keywords as interests when creating our ad campaigns.

There are two other important metrics that we need to pay attention to: Location and Age/Gender. You can find both of them in the left sidebar > Audience section.

From Demographics > Age we can see that the age with the highest subscription rate is 45-65+.

From Demographics > Gender we can see that women have a higher subscription rate and an even higher subscription number.

In the Geo > Locations we can filter by the number of subscribers and see the  top 10 countries where our subscribers are from. This is one of the key details that  we need to pay close attention to. When our campaign is already live on Indiegogo or Kickstarter, besides targeting worldwide, we also need to focus on the best countries with the highest number of subscribers and conversion rate. The countries with the highest conversion rates can be targeted separately, in our case it’s US, UK, AU, and FR.