Lesson 3: Fulfillment and Shipping With BackerKit

When all the orders and addresses have been finalized it’s time to get ready for the fulfillment and delivery processes. You can start fulfillment by dividing your backers into segments to optimize the process. Here’s how to do it.

Click on Segments on the left sidebar.

From this page you can create segments you need to separate for fulfillment. Click on Create a New Segment. On this page you need to name the segment:

Then you can choose the filter you want to apply to this specific segment. You can filter them by SKUs, pledge levels, backer status on BackerKit, add-ons, segments (this one could work if you have created segments previously and want to filter them out), shipping regions, etc.

You can create segments by combining filters. Click on Add Another Filter. When the required filters are chosen, click on Filter Backers. The platform will filter out backers that match your search and show their total number here:

Then you can click Save This Segment to save it in your segments. When all your segments are ready you can proceed to the fulfillment part. Click the Fulfillment on the sidebar. On the first tab you’ll see the instructions. The second tab is Export. From here you’ll be able to export all the orders that are ready to be fulfilled.

From the dropdown menu you’ll find the segments you’ve created previously for fulfillment. You can export them and send them to the fulfillment house. When you are done with the fulfillment process and shipped the packages it’s time to send the tracking numbers.
First you need to upload the tracking number to BackerKit. You can do it on the Fulfillment page, in the Upload Tracking numbers tab.

Before uploading you can download the template provided by BackerKit here so you create and upload a correct document that the system can read:

When the CSV file is ready, upload it by clicking on Select CSV File and click Upload. When the file is uploaded you are ready to send them to your backers.
Click on the Shipped link here:

Then click on the Send Tracking Notifications button. Your backers will receive an email with their tracking number. We have now covered everything related to orders, manual fulfillment, and shipping management.