Lesson 2: What Is a Pledge Manager and Why Does It Matter?

What is a pledge manager tool? It’s a backer survey and data management platform. It helps creators send surveys and manage backer orders for the organization of production, fulfillment, and shipping processes.

Why do creators need a pledge manager tool? The reward fulfillment process is full of potential obstacles, delays, and unexpected costs if not organized properly. Figuring out the finer points of manufacturing, storing, and shipping your product can be time-consuming.

Thus it’s of vital importance to consider the complexity of your campaign – the rewards structure, the number of backers, their geographical location when calculating your production and fulfillment workload, as well as shipping processes.

This is where the pledge manager comes in handy. For these purposes you can either use Kickstarter or Indiegogo native features, or opt-in for third-party services, such as BackerKit, which we’ll be exploring together.