Lesson 2: Setup Finalization. SKUs. Pledge Questions. Customized Orders

In this lesson we are going to cover BackerKit special tools that can help you make your survey complete and customized. Specifically we are going to review SKUs and pledge questions. They are found under the Tools section on the left-hand sidebar.

You might notice that we skipped several sections: payments, survey review request, smoke test and the sending itself. Previously, we were moving down the list suggested by the user interface. However, we are not yet completely done with setting up the survey. We need to request the final review and send the survey.

Let’s see what needs to be done. Click on SKUs and we are redirected to the page with our SKUs that we’ve been creating when generating items and add-ons. Here you can check the list of your SKUs, delete unnecessary SKUs that you may have created by mistake. If you are planning weight-based shipping charges, add weight to your SKU.

You can also edit the SKU and apply the image. Click on Edit.

Click Upload an image. When the image is uploaded, click Apply and Save. When you apply an image to the SKU it’ll be visible in all the interfaces where that SKU is assigned to.

When you have finalized the SKUs let’s move on to reviewing our existing pledge questions. Click on Pledge Questions under the Tools section. Here you’ll  see the list of the pledge questions you added previously.

As you can see here are the questions about the product variations, e.g, choose the color for your product #1 etc.

You will also see the introductions to the surveys that we added in the review pledge levels sections.
However, for these questions to appear in the correct order in the survey, you need to rearrange them. And here’s how to do it.

Obviously you want all your introduction questions to appear first. For this, you need to bring them forward. You can do it by dragging the questions like this:

This way you can arrange the sequence of questions the way you need. Here you can also edit the questions, if you need to. And when editing it, you’ll see that the images you’ve been applying  for the SKUs are visible here:

And here also you can recheck who can see this question.

When you are done with the pledge questions, let’s move on to the Backers section. Again, it’s in the Tools section. From this page you can review the list of your backers. So, when would you need this page?

Case 1: When you had a sale outside of your Kickstarter/Indiegogo campaign, or you’ve been running giveaways or referral campaigns etc and you want to keep your information about your backers in one place. Here you can manually add backers by clicking Manually Add Backer.

On this page you need to provide the name, email address, how much they pledged, and what reward level they should be assigned to. And then you save. Thus when the survey is sent this backer will receive a survey with the respective pledge level.
Case 2: If the backer asks to change their email address. You can search them with this search field by name, email, or pledge ID.
When you click on the backer’s name you’ll be redirected to the backer’s profile on BackerKit. From here you can edit the email address:
Case 3: If the backer changes their mind and wants to cancel the order even though the cancellation dates have expired.
Click here on the Actions dropdown menu, which allows multiple actions, including cancelling the order or you can completely remove this backer by clicking Remove Pledge.
Case 4: When you need a personal link to the backer survey find it here:
This feature will most probably be used after the survey is launched.
Case 5: Edit the backer’s shipping address. On this page you can also edit shipping info if you have received this request y from a backer.However, they can usually do this on their end until you lock the address for shipping purposes.
Case 6: Manually add items to the order.
If you have been running giveaways or referral campaigns and your backers have been winning products in addition to their pledge items, you can assign these items by manually adding respective SKUs. Here manually added items are free and will not add any extra cost.
Case 7: If backers ask to change their pledge level. Though backers can upgrade their pledge levels on their own if you allow upgrades, there may be cases when you have to do it on your end. And here’s how to do it:
From the dropdown menu select the pledge level you’ll be assigning a backer and click Save:
If it’s an upgrade of a pledge level you’ll see a negative balance on your backer’s account.
If you don’t want your backer to pay, because you have some kind of agreement, such as a special discount etc, you can add Complimentary Credit here and click Save to make the balance positive again.
If you don’t add complimentary credits, your backer will be charged additionally.
Case 8: If the backer asks to add add-ons to their order. This could also be done directly by  the backer in their profile, but if you have already locked the order, the backer can’t do it on their end.
You can do it on your end as a campaigner by clicking ‘View’ Edit as Backer’ to add items to the backer’s carts. When adding new items to your backers’ profiles they are added as a negative balance and will be charged further.
You can charge the backer for that add-on immediately as backers have their card data saved in their profiles. Just click here:
That is all for BackerKit’s additional tools and we can now move on to survey submission for review and sending.