Lesson 2: Preparation Before Building the Survey

Before starting to build the survey itself, at TCF we prepare a special spreadsheet and a folder with all the information and visuals that will be necessary. Thus we are opening a brand new spreadsheet.
The very first thing that we include in the spreadsheet is the list of all items, with the names that your backers have been seeing during the live campaign. And here in the same column comes the list of add-ons and their names you are planning to upsell with your BackerKit survey.
With the next column comes the list of your product variations, for example if your product has different color options, size, or different design types. This is how we made it with UVMask.
The next one comes from the column where we assign SKUs to each product variation.

As we discussed previously, SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) is the unit or product that lies on the shelf in the fulfillment and is ready to be packed along with other SKUs. Backerkit team likes to compare SKUs with barcodes. Think of a Pepsi bottle, no matter where this bottle of Pepsi is sold, or how much it costs, the barcode will remain the same.

For the UVMask campaign, each variation of the product has a unique SKU, which is why we’ve got  these details:

Names of the SKUs could be chosen arbitrarily, however it’s important to sync them with the fulfillment house. SKU names should be unique to the item, and distinguishable by you or your fulfillment house/partner. If a pledge level comes with 3x of one item, 3x SKUs should be listed. Bundle SKUs should be avoided unless the item of 3x is in a self contained package.

Don’t forget to include retail prices and the prices you are going to upsell on BackerKit. Retail prices here are mentioned to show the difference with the prices you are selling and prompt backers to purchase add-ons with great discounts.

In the spreadsheet we also keep items’ descriptions. Descriptions are essentially selling texts that show why a backer would need it, the key benefits, etc.

When this is ready you need to prepare a special sheet with the shipping prices for your add-ons and rewards in case you haven’t charged shipping during the live campaign.

And finally make sure to prepare a special folder with all your product images. You’ll need images for all the items, add-ons, and bundles etc. The pictures should be square format and high quality. This step is very important as the more you prepare materials, the easier and smoother the setup process will be.