Lesson 2: Orders and Addresses Management. Charge Cards

When the survey is sent, BackerKit sends out automated reminders to backers who haven’t completed their surveys, so you don’t have to spend time chasing up each one individually. These reminders are sent out on day 1 after your surveys have been sent, then days 3, 5, and 7, and then once a week going forward for the first month.

After that, a reminder will be sent once a month. But you can continue doing it manually from your BackerKit Homepage whenever you believe it’s time to receive all the necessary information. However, you can do it on your own from BackerKit’s dashboard as well. On the left-hand sidebar you’ll see this Take action menu.

When clicking on the Send & Remind option you see how many emails were not sent for some reason and you can manually send them by clicking Send Surveys.

Here you’ll also see how many backers didn’t fill out the survey and you can manually send reminders. Just click the Send Reminders button. Reminder emails look exactly the same as the Survey Email with a slightly different subject line:

Reminder — Response needed to deliver your reward for [Project Name].

Moving onto Lock orders. Locking orders is done manually on your end. When you are locking orders your backers won’t be able to make changes in their orders.

An important note: you’ll be able to lock the orders of backers who have filled out their surveys completely. Those who haven’t will be able to make changes in their orders. You can either lock orders with final notice – your backers will receive an email stating that you have 48 hours to finalize your order. Or you can do it without final notice with the Lock Orders button.

The same logic works for your pre-order store backers.

When orders are locked you can charge your backers cards if they upgraded their pledges and/or purchased add-ons. Again this is done manually on your end:

If for some reason there are transactions that were declined, you can retry charging those cards on this same page:

The next step is getting ready for shipping and locking addresses. This is to make sure that you have the final data for shipping. When addresses are locked your backers won’t be able to change them anymore.

In the Lock Addresses page you can either lock them with final notice, with an email to notify backers about the addresses to be locked in 48 hours. Or you can lock them immediately with the Lock Addresses Now button.