Lesson 1: What does BackerKit Pledge Manager do?

BackerKit Pledge Manager is a universal tool that allows you to take care of your backers’ pledges, fulfillment, and shipping processes.

The Pledge Manager consists of two parts:

   1. The survey for your existing backers

   2. The pre-order store

The survey is intended to help existing backers specify their product choices, get more products at special discounted prices as well as provide their shipping details for the delivery processes.
The pre-order store is the landing page with the grid of products available for sale.

This page could be used to upsell for your crowdfunding campaign backers, or send the leftover traffic coming from Kickstarter or Indiegogo pages.

You can also make it a marketplace if your e-commerce page is not quite ready.
Let’s take a look at both the survey and pre-order stores.