Lesson 1: How backers are going to see your survey

In this module we’ll preview how backers will be seeing the survey.

On the left-hand side menu choose Preview Survey and we are redirected to the Preview as Backer tab:

Here you can choose all pledge levels and test it as a backer from different countries. During this stage, you will fix all the issues you’d see as a backer.

The next tab is Survey email. Here you need to mention the name of the sender:

From Name is critical, as it must be recognizable to make your backers check the email coming from that name. Ideally it should match your campaign name, e.g. UVMask BackerKit Survey.

Below you can add your custom email blurb, or leave it as it is. If you don’t add the custom blurb your backers will receive this kind of email:

If you do add the custom blurb, you want to share some personal message for your backers. Add your message in the Custom Blurb field here:

And click Save. After that you can preview how it looks for backers. Click the Preview how it looks button.

It’ll be shown as follows:

In this tab you can also set the survey deadline. This will push your backers to respond to the survey as soon as possible. However, this doesn’t mean that the survey will be closed for backers. It’ll remain open even after the deadline. The only difference is when the deadline has passed it is removed from the email.

In the project image tab you set the preferred image to be shown in the email. Or you can keep the one that was automatically imported.

In the social media section you can include your Twitter and Facebook links. If your backers are not following you on social media this is a way to engage them. And if you are planning on keeping your business active after the campaign it’ll be nice to have your first customers in your communities.

When added, click Save and you can preview how backers will see it after they complete the survey.

In the Pay it Forward section you can mention projects to be promoted to your backers after they complete the survey. This is where they’ll be visible:

When you have completed the preview part, tick Yes, I completed this step.