Lesson 1: Create a Business Manager/Ad Account

OK, now when you are pretty aware of the benefits of advertising on facebook and its crucial impact on any campaign, you no doubt want to start running them.
Anyone on Facebook, by default, has their personal ad account connected to their FB profile when registering on the platform. This is more common for low budget FB page post boosts.
However, let’s get started with creating a Business Manager right from the beginning to be able to use all available tools and assets provided. Business manager, as the name itself implies, is the managing dashboard for your advertising – a place where you can create Ad accounts, manage and analyze all your Facebook marketing and advertising activities.
Basically, here are all main features Business manager provides you with:
Receive and pass ownership over ad accounts

Get and assign roles to Pages or ad accounts

Create and manage more than one ad account

Other people assigned to your Business manager won’t see any personal information of yours, they will only see your Name, work email and pages/accounts you’re assigned to.

There are plenty of benefits for using Business manager, I’ll list couple of them:

It keeps your business activities separate from your personal profile, so you won’t get distracted by funny videos when you’re working.

It allows you to give partners or agencies or whoever you want access to your pages and accounts, without handing over ownership of the assets.

Get insights about your visitors’ activity, demographics of your customers, sales funnel and so much more

Get business-level insights and reporting

If you’re an advertiser on Facebook who shares access to multiple Pages and ad accounts with other people or at least you want to keep everything organized and in a secure place, create a business manager.

Step 1. Click on the “Create account” button in the top right

Step 2. Enter your business name, your name, and the business email address you want to use to manage your Facebook Business Manager account, then click Next

Step 3. Enter your business details: address, phone number, and website. You’ll also need to specify whether you’ll use this Business Manager account to promote your own business, or to provide services to other businesses (like an agency). When you’re done, click Submit.

Step 4. Check your email for a message with the subject line “Confirm your business email”.
Within the message click Confirm Now.

Business manager is a place where you can store all the valuable information you need, such as: Users, Accounts, Payments, Notifications,…
Whenever you need to edit/add/remove/… something/someone you need to go to Business settings and complete according actions.

Everything in one place – that’s why we recommend creating a Business manager 🙂

In Business settings you can manage your Pages.

  1. In case you already have an existing page, you can simply add it to your BM by choosing the “Add a page” option.

  2. In case you need to access a page which is owned by another Business, you need to choose “Request access to a page” option

  3. In case you don’t hav

  4. e a page, and you need to create it from the scratch, choose “Create a new page” option

You can create/manage Ad accounts in the Business settings.

  1. You can add an ad account to your Business manager. Usually that ad account belongs to another Business manager. Adding an ad account moves it into your Business Manager. And your business will be responsible for creating campaigns and managing billing for that ad account. Going forward, only your business will be able to assign permissions to this account. Once you’ve added an ad account in Business Manager, you can’t remove it.

  1. You can request access to an ad account, in case your business needs to use this ad account in behalf of another business

  1. You can create a brand new ad account for your business. As you will be working on your own and not on behalf of an agency, we recommend you to create a new account in your Business manager. (Recommended)

Congratulations, the first step is done! You are ready to go further…