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Facebook Ads: Master Live Campaigns

Astghik is the head of the advertising department at TCF and is sitting on the advertising shoulders of many million-dollar crowdfunding campaigns. She is here to reveal the magic behind them, the tools used and the hacks unlocked along the way. Our tight relationship with Facebook (as a certified Facebook Marketing Partner) keeps the team in the loop with the latest changes.

Instructor: Astghik Azaryan | Head of Advertising at The Crowdfunding Formula

What You'll Learn

Table of Contents

      Lesson 1: Welcome | Start Here

      Lesson 2: Facebook Ads Impact and Results

      Lesson 1: Create a Business Manager/Ad Account

      Lesson 2: Add Permissions

      Lesson 3: Create a Facebook Pixel

      Lesson 4: Set Up Facebook Pixel on Your Indiegogo Page

      Lesson 5: Kickstarter Launch Procedure

      Lesson 6: The Impact of iOS 14 on Digital Advertising

      Lesson 1: Find and Analyze Competitors

      Lesson 2: Find Your Unique Selling Points

      Lesson 3: Spy on Your Competitors

      Lesson 4: Analyze Pre-Launch Campaign’s Google Analytics

      Lesson 1: Create Images Without a Professional Designer

      Lesson 2: Create Videos Using the Facebook Native Video Creating Tool

      Lesson 1: Custom audiences

      Lesson 2: Lookalike Audiences

      Lesson 1: Learn How to Create Campaigns

      Lesson 2: Effective Targeting

      Lesson 3: Create Engaging Content

      Lesson 4: Ad Creation for Kickstarter

      Lesson 1: Walk Through Your Live Campaigns (Indiegogo)

      Lesson 1.1: Walk Through Your Live Campaigns (Kickstarter)

      Lesson 2: Facebook Metrics

      Lesson 3: Google Analytics Metrics

      Lesson 4: Do Necessary Adjustments and Edits

      Lesson 1: Scaling Strategies

      Lesson 2: Retargeting Strategies

      Lesson 3: Magic Link

      Lesson 4: Campaign Visuals & Bypassing Rules of Prohibited Words

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