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Facebook Ads: Make a Pre-Launch Blast

Ani and Astghik lead the advertising efforts for numerous pre-launch campaigns, helping build email lists of tens of thousands of excited backers. They’ll share the key strategies that will help you find the most targeted leads for your upcoming launch. Their tight relationship with Facebook (as a certified Facebook Marketing Partner) keeps them in the loop with the latest changes.

Instructor: Ani Hakobyan and Astghik Azaryan | Advertising Pros at The Crowdfunding Formula

What You'll Learn

Table of Contents

      Lesson 1: Welcome | Start Here

      Lesson 2: Facebook Ads Impact and Results

      Lesson 1: Create a Business Manager/Ad Account

      Lesson 2: Add Permissions

      Lesson 3: Create a Facebook Pixel

      Lesson 4: Set Up Facebook Pixel on Your Landing Page

      Lesson 5: The Impact of iOS 14 on Digital Advertising

      Lesson 6: Your Competition

      Lesson 7: Keywords, Terminology & Common Misunderstandings

      Lesson 1: Find and Analyze Your Competitors

      Lesson 2: Find Your Unique Selling Points

      Lesson 3: Spy on Your Competitors

      Lesson 1: Create Images Without a Professional Designer

      Lesson 2: Create Videos Using Facebook Native Video Creating Tool

      Lesson 1: Custom Audiences

      Lesson 2: Lookalike Audiences

      Lesson 1: Learn How to Create Campaigns

      Lesson 2: Facebook Native Form vs External Landing Page

      Lesson 3: Effective Targeting

      Lesson 4: Create Engaging Content

      Lesson 1: Facebook Metrics

      Lesson 2: FOpen and Click Rates From Email Marketing Targeting

      Lesson 4: Create Engaging Content

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