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Email Marketing and Storytelling

Since 2018, Anna has developed more than 100 emails and launch sequences that have brought in hundreds of thousands of dollars for TCF clients. Her story sequences have seen open rates skyrocket and backers ready to buy on day 1. She is joined by Lili who will cover the technical aspects of setting up and using an email service provider like a pro.

Instructor: Lily Avetyan and Anna Voskanyan | Copywriting and Content Marketing at The Crowdfunding Formula

What You'll Learn

Table of Contents

      Lesson 1: Welcome | Start Here

      Lesson 1: Introduction to GetResponse

      Lesson 2: Create Email Sequences That Will Convert

      Lesson 3: Send an Email Broadcast

      Lesson 4: How to Track the Results?

      Lesson 1: The Key Metrics

      Lesson 2: How Those Micro Goals Can Be of Extra Value

      Lesson 1: Is Email Marketing Still Important?

      Lesson 2: Why Do Email Sequences Matter?

      Lesson 3: Glimpse of Pre-Launch Sequence

      Lesson 1: Positive First Impression With Welcome Emails

      Lesson 2: Build Credibility With Your Story

      Lesson 3: Benefits for Customer’s Pain Points

      Lesson 4: Showcase Your Product’s Features

      Lesson 1: Build Excitement for the Launch

      Lesson 2: We Are Live!

      Lesson 1: Identify and Segment Your Backers From Subscriber Lists

      Lesson 2: Does Email Marketing Fade After Launch?

      Lesson 3: Last 48 Hours of Campaign

      Lesson 4: Is Email Marketing Dead After the Campaign Ends?

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