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Campaign Page that Converts

Lilit has crafted the campaign page copy for multiple million-dollar crowdfunding campaigns over the years. Her creative ideas have proven to be an effective conversion tool. She’ll share all tips and strategies for high-converting campaign pages, complete with swipe files, cheat sheets, and templates.

Instructor: Lilit Drampyan | Copywriting and Content Marketing at The Crowdfunding Formula

What You'll Learn

Table of Contents

      Lesson 1: Welcome | Start Here

      Lesson 2: Why Fabulous Copy is a Must for your Campaign page

      Lesson 1: The 15 Must-Have Sections of Any Successful Campaign Page

      Lesson 2: Length of Your Campaign Page

      Lesson 1: How to Write a Hooking Headline

      Lesson 2: How to Make the Most Out of your Description

      Lesson 3: Character Limitations

      Lesson 4: Testings

      Lesson 5: The Story

      Lesson 1: How to talk to your customers on your campaign page

      Lesson 2: How it Works

      Lesson 3: Use Cases

      Lesson 4: Comparing to Your Competition

      Lesson 1: Press Mentions

      Lesson 2: The Guarantees

      Lesson 3: Testimonials

      Lesson 4: Awards/Certificates/Badges

      Lesson 1: Your Story, Team & Timeline

      Lesson 1: The Rewards

      Lesson 2: The Tech Specs

      Lesson 3: Risks and Challenges, Environmental Commitments

      Lesson 4: Urgent Updates

      Lesson 5: Additional Elements

      Lesson 1: Why Optimize Your Campaign Page For Search Engines?

      Lesson 2: Conduct killer keyword research in a few minutes

      Lesson 3: How to Optimize Your Page?

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